• EXACT 0210 (ethylene octene copolymer) is a more appropriate non-reactive compatibilizer than EVA and Kraton-G.
• The total weight of thermoplastic and compatibilizer should be higher than 15wt% to achieve a blend strong enough to be test.
• A critical volume of compatibilizer for each type of compatibilizer. In the case of 15wt% EMA /EPDM blends, it was 25 wt% in reactive and non-reactive compatibilizer, respectively.
• EXACT 0210 (ethylene octene copolymer) would be a good choice if high elongation at break is desired and reactive compatibilizers will be selected when high stiffness is needed.
• HRJ-10518 is better than SP-1045 in terms of compatibilizing capabilities because of the structure of their molecular structure. SP-1045 possessed a more complex structure with ether group in molecule while HRJ-10518 did not. It was, thus, easier for HRJ-10518 to reach interfacial surface and react with un-saturated sites at high content.
• Talcum did not enhance the anti-agglomeration. In fact, talcum destroyed the interfacial surface causing deterioration in tensile properties of the blends.
• Pressing pressure during the production of the test samples can be minimized without any adverse effect on mechanical properties of recycled EPDM rubber and EMA blends
• Recycled rubber mixed with non-vulcanized rubber and incorporated into the mixing chamber at vulcanizing temperature; With low content of HRJ10518, at 1650C, the increasing rubber-rubber linkage was dominant, the tear strength increased. At 1800C, the tear strength was not increased due to the worse compatibility of rubber-EMA at the higher temperature. On the other hand, the tear strength of the high HRJ10518 contentbased blend and high EXACT content based blend did not change because the compatibilization reached the equilibrium with unvulcanized rubber and higher temperature.
• Both reactive and non-reactive compatibilizers gave homogeneous microstructures.
• EXACT (ethylene octene copolymer) containing blends show more plastic deformation of the matrix than the blends compatibilized by reactive agents.
• Good connection between the dispersed phase and the matrix was established by employing compatibilizers according to SEM investigation.
• Tensile strength, tear strength of the LDPE based blends are less, the hardness is higher, the elongation at break is much lower and the Young’s modulus is much higher than the EMA based blends.
• Compression set of the blends containing the recycled EPDM rubber/EMA and the recycled EPDM rubber/LDPE is high compared to the reference materials.



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